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    Express Elevators Ltd

    Express Elevators Ltd. is a company which deals in the installation, maintenance, service and repair of complete assemblies, of a wide range of new and old elevators, including leaflets, level surfaces both disabled and special elevators.

    Experience and reputation: Express Elevators Ltd. serves thousands of clients and specializes in providing services and treatments for all types of elevators, with efficient organization, reliable and dedicated employees and with a combination of long range of contacts and a satisfied customer base. Express Elevators Ltd has become a success story.
    Quality: Express Elevators Ltd. works under the supervision of the Standards Institute, in compliance with the demands and regulations of the Ministry of Labor, and monitored by the company’s senior engineers.
    Service: Express Elevators Ltd professional perception is based on the fact that an elevator is not a luxury product but an essential tool for daily life, therefore, the company should provide dependable trustworthy service which includes consistence visits of technicians, to ensure secured regulatory activity of the elevator.
    The Company business computerized call system is active 365 days a year 24 hours a day which gives an immediate response to every call including weekends, holidays and festivals.
    Variety of customers: Our wide circles of Clientele includes developers, contractors, architects, management and maintenance companies, hotels, shopping centers, Municipal authorities, factories and residential buildings, among them:

    Ashdod municipality
    Blue Square- Israel LTD
    Clalit Health services
    Fattal Hotels Ltd
    Hamashbir Lazarchan Ltd.
    Israel Aerospace Industries
    Israel Railways Ltd
    Leumit Health Services
    Maccabi Healthcare Services
    Maman Group – Ben Gurion Airport
    Motorola Israel Ltd.
    Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises
    New-Pharm Drugstores Ltd.
    The Israel Postal Company

    If you want to enjoy a professional service at the highest level you are invited to join our client list.

    We will be happy to coordinate a meeting with you for advice and price quotes with no obligation on your part.

    For consultation and more information you can contact us in the following channels:

    חברת "מעליות אקספרס" חברה בהתאחדות התעשיינים בישראל, בעלת רישיון משרד הכלכלה ועובדת ברישיון ופיקוח של מכון התקנים הישראלי.